court of appeal

Victor Nealon – Update

The long outstanding CCRC Referral of Victor Nealon is now nearing its hearing . In this case in which DNA has been found from an unknown male on the victims intimate clothing which was not Victor Nealon’s  despite this the Crown continue to seek to oppose the appeal . The […]

The Grayling Plan

The proposed plans of Chris Grayling, secretary of state for justice, are causing for the first time in legal history a united front between barristers and solicitors. This united front is fighting against the machinery of the Tory party driving home messages that their legal aid reforms are all about […]

R v S [2011 ] Update

The Court of Appeal has now heard R v S as part of a conjoined set of appeals on fresh gynaecological evidence challenging earlier evidence given at trial . In S the  CPS conceded the original medical  evidence did not stand up to the scrutiny of the fresh medical evidence […]