Sex Offenders Register The Truth

If the Government’s Playing to the Crowd wasn’t bad enough on Prisoner Votes , todays performance really takes the biscuit . The Sex Offenders Register has been flawed for years . The danger of the width and breadth of sexual allegations isn’t something new to the Prime Minsiter who sat […]

CPS get dedicated appeals unit

The announcement that the CPS is setting up a dedicated Appeals unit has been welcomed by key participants in the Criminal Justice System including Master Venne Registrar of Criminal Appeals – it clearly should be if it achieves what has been missing – consistency of approach . Experience has been […]

Hope for the Innocent ?

Recently a Book was published by Palgrave Macmillan and edited by Dr Michael Naughton of Bristol University . The book collected key participants and commentators on miscarriage of justice and was a critique of the development and progress of the Criminal Cases Review Commission . The commission have understandably been […]