Historical Abuse Cases

At QS Jordans we specialise in Historical Abuse Cases . We were the founding firm of the Historical Abuse Appeal Panel – a panel of dedicated Solicitors and Barristers interested in defending those falsely accused and seeking to quash the wrongful convictions of those who have suffered an injustice .

We have pursued many successful cases in the Court of Appeal and in the lower Courts .

A Short History

The Historical Abuse Appeal Panel was created in 2003 and launched at the FACT Conference In Wales in September 2003 .  It had been created as a direct response to calls from Mps including Claire Curtis Thomas MP for a unified response from the Legal profession and its key initial members were ourselves as founding firm together with Chris Saltrese , David Woods and Later Bill Bache . Counsel who supported the organisation included Mark Barlow and Patrick Cosgrove QC .
Over time the Panel became involved in a  considerable amount of work which led to some important successful appeals .
However ultimately because the Legal Services Commission failed to fund the Panel it could not continue as a Case Referral Body . The solicitors involved however continue to represent individuals falsely accused and you can contact them or ourselves as the managing firm for assistance . We also continue to speak out generically on False allegation issues
“False Allegations in Historical Allegations Present a unique challenge to the integrity of the Trial Process”
We have played a key part in defending these cases following the avalanche that followed the Saville Scandal .
In Operation Pallial which followed the Newsnight Report we were asked to represent 5 former care workers from Bryn Estyn – we so far have returned 5 acquittals out of 5 . We continue to defend these cases across the Country .
f you find yourself falsely accused of Sexual or Physical Allegations then you need a Legal Team with an unrivalled experience in defending such cases – This is where we come in.

With our Defence Services you will find a team who know about Historical Allegations and who care about ensuring that you are given the best chance to defend yourself.

Facing Allegations of Sexual or Phyiscal Abuse are one of the most traumatic things anyone can ever face. Such False Allegations are easy to make and difficult to challenge, which is why you need a legal team who know exactly what to do.

Your Lawyer should know the essential hallmarks of a false allegation, be able to identify the work to be done and evidence to seek to help you prove your innocence.

If you are facing an institutional allegation then your lawyer will need to be familiar with the operaiton of such institutions or establishments and be able to search out vital documentation. This needs to be done by those with a sound track record not by the Duty Solicitor you were randomly alloted at the Police station, the family solicitor or a Crown Court Clerk.

We have a considerable track record built up over the last 20 years.

  • We conduct False Allegation Cases Across the UK 
  • We reguarly bring cases to a conclusion by Stay of proceedings or dismssal before Jury Verdict for example a case in February 2015 where the false allegations were brought to an end during the complainants evidence. 
  • The Firm adopts a forensic approach to defending these cases using the best Experts and Counsel
  • QS Jordans have been involved in many major Police Investigations including most of the recent Care Home Inquiries and appeals 
  • We have undertaken substantial and Complex Cases including at VHCC Level. We are currently instructed on several Complex Cases 
  • We have a 100% success rate in the current North Wales Inquiry Cases
  • For us a historic allegation with one charge is as important as one with 30 Counts on the indictment. 

When you are facing a historic allegation you really do need a lawyer you can trust . One who cares about your case . This is the QualitySolicitors Jordans promise.

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