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Historical Abuse Cases

At QS Jordans we specialise in Historical Abuse Cases . We were the founding firm of the Historical Abuse Appeal Panel – a panel of dedicated Solicitors and Barristers interested in defending those falsely accused and seeking to quash the wrongful convictions of those who have suffered an injustice .

We have pursued many successful cases in the Court of Appeal and in the lower Courts .

A Short History

The Historical Abuse Appeal Panel was created in 2003 and launched at the FACT Conference In Wales in September 2003 .  It had been created as a direct response to calls from Mps including Claire Curtis Thomas MP for a unified response from the Legal profession and its key initial members were ourselves as founding firm together with Chris Saltrese , David Woods and Later Bill Bache . Counsel who supported the organisation included Mark Barlow and Patrick Cosgrove QC .
Over time the Panel became involved in a  considerable amount of work which led to some important successful appeals .
However ultimately because the Legal Services Commission failed to fund the Panel it could not continue as a Case Referral Body . The solicitors involved however continue to represent individuals falsely accused and you can contact them or ourselves as the managing firm for assistance . We also continue to speak out generically on False allegation issues
“False Allegations in Historical Allegations Present a unique challenge to the integrity of the Trial Process”

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