Criminal Appeals

Do you want to challenge your wrongful conviction or appeal against your sentence then contact one of our lawyers at QualitySolicitors Jordans .

The Miscarriage team is led by Mark Newby who has a strong track record in miscarriage work and has been involved in the quashing of many cases .

You can access Mark’s personal profile here :

There are many other sites on the web that offer miscariage work but you should ask yourself one simple question – what is their actual record of investigating cases and quashing cases . Avoid at all costs employing an appeal operation which would be nothing more than a bucket shop doing desktop reviews . The same can apply to barristers offering direct access because without support from good investigating solicitors these initiatives just become swamped desktop reviews operations .

Whoever you choose to deal with your case ensure it is backed with a good team who are prepared to go the extra mile .

We offer Public Funding always as our first choice . If you do not qualify for legal aid we can offer a range of fixed fee options and full private funding .

We work with the Innocence Projects across the UK and act as a  Legal Advisor to INUK .

For a no obligation discussion contact us via our website or email:



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