Wrongfully Accused – The Justice Gap Debate – Manchester

On 27th June there will be a debate concerning the Wrongfully Accused and who should be responsible for investigating miscarriages of justice .

This follows on from a similar debate in London and the recent publication of Wrongly accused: Who is responsible for investigating miscarriages of justice?, part of the JusticeGap series

A number of Panelists will be present to lead the debate and the event is chaired by Pete Wetherby QC . There will be contributions from Panel Members

  • Eric Allison, the Guardian’s prison correspondent;
  • David Jessel, investigative journalist (Rough JusticeTrial & Error) and former commissioner at the CCRC;
  • Campbell Malone, defence lawyer who specialises in miscarriages of justice and chair of the Criminal Appeal Lawyers Association. Campbell was acclaimed for his role in the overturning of Stefan Kiszko’s life-sentence for murder, 17 years after his imprisonment for a crime it was later proven he could not have committed;
  • Robert Lizar, founder of Robert Lizar solicitors based in Moss Side, Manchester in 1978. Robert has a reputation for dealing with human rights and miscarriage of justice cases such as Robert Brown, freed when his conviction was quashed in 2002 after serving 25 years in prison; and
  • Eamonn O’Neill, award-winning investigative journalist, lecturer in journalism and programme director of the MSc of investigative journalism at the University of Strathclyde. Eamonn worked for eleven years to help secure the release of unjustly imprisoned Robert Brown

Mark Newby from QualitySolicitors Jordans will be joining the debate .

Full details can be accessed via the Garden Court North Chambers Website here http://www.gcnchambers.co.uk/index.php/gcn/seminars_events/forthcoming_seminars_and_courses/wrongly_accused_debate_in_manchester_justice_gap

See also the link to Justice Gap here http://thejusticegap.com/News/wrongly-accused-debate-who-is-responsible-for-investigating-miscarriages-of-justice/

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