Something has to give for sure but what …..CCRC Referrals

David Jessel writing on Justice Gap commends the introduction of a new Easy Reading CCRC form and credits it for an increase in applications .

Several things arise from the propositions advanced . First no statistical information has been issued to indeed confirm that the increase is linked to the new form but if that is the case then it is clearly good news . Well maybe , the problem is that the form is only an entry point  into an inherently complex and difficult process for unrepresented applicants and unless the Commission is able to modify its approach across the whole application process through to final decision then the form with prove to be nothing more than PR .

As is noted in the pointed questions posed by David Jessel any increase in workload raises even greater challenges for the commission and the last answer to this can be even greater delay , weaker reviews and an effective stale reaction to the crys for help this new easy read form is intended to engender .

Yet there are the smallest signs that there may be some change finally taking place within the commission and like a super tanker going in the wrong direction it may take some time to turn before it ends up heading in the right way . Over the last 7 days we have seen a surprising referral on an Historic Care Home Case which suggests a more positive approach from the commission yet these isolated pockets will not of their own be enough particualry when the inconsistency of approach and delivery continues to frustrate every step forward .

Nonetheless the form , cases such as Hallam and the recent referral all indicate that at least the commission has before it the means to deliver what it was always created to do , the test is whether this proves to be a damp squibb or the start of something more significant .

We can only hope for the latter .

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