Criminal Cases Commission Refer Historical Care Home Case

The CCRC have referred the case of John Dent to the Court of Appeal on the basis of his convictions being unsafe.

This is a further case in a series of Historical Care Home Appeals investigated by Mark Newby Solicitor Advocate from QualitySolicitors Jordans and arises out of a detailed investigation and intensive review by the commission.

The Referral is on a number of grounds including non disclosure by the Crown but particularly draws on the approach taken in 3 other leading miscarriage cases by QualitySolicitors Jordans – R v Sheikh [ 2006 ] , R v Joynson [ 2008 ] and R v Mackreth [ 2009 ] amongst others .

Mark Newby Principal Member said:

“ I am today delighted to note the referral of John Dent’s case to the Court of Appeal and hope the Court will accede to the strong arguments mounted by the commission that John Dent’s convictions are wholly unsafe”

More news will be posted on the case as it develops.

Leading Junior in the field of Historic Care Home Cases Mark Barlow of Garden Court North Chambers Manchester has been appointed to lead the Defence team at the Court of Appeal. 

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