Pressure Mounts as Nealon Referral Decision draws near

3 Commissioners are to finally meet on 27th April to discuss whether to refer the case of Victor Nealon back to the Court of Appeal .

Some might consider this should be a done deal with fresh DNA Evidence identifying another source for the DNA which is not Victor Nealon , Fresh Medical evidence showing Victor Nealon could not have been the “assailant with a bump on his head ” at the material time and numerous other failings and concessions including  that the jury were misled over the state of forensic evidence at the time of the trial .

The commission is provided with a unique opportunity to put right two erroneous refusals in 1999 and 2002 when they declined to undertake the forensic examinations .

The commission has cut the appeal team off from all their enquiries since July 2011 despite the fact that it was the appeal team  that uncovered all this material . It is only to be hoped that a further injustice will not be put in place a week tomorrow .

In the present atmosphere and with calls for reform of the commission due to its inaction  its not easy to be convinced that this will necessarily be the case .

We hope however that justice might finally prevail for Victor Nealon .

Categories: Miscarriage, News

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