Sex Offenders Register The Truth

If the Government’s Playing to the Crowd wasn’t bad enough on Prisoner Votes , todays performance really takes the biscuit .

The Sex Offenders Register has been flawed for years . The danger of the width and breadth of sexual allegations isn’t something new to the Prime Minsiter who sat on the 2002 HASC enquiry .

The Scottish Govt have just got on in a business like way to deal with the changes required for a proper review system so why do we have to have all this media hype , this isn’t a fresh European Court Decision and the Govt have been sitting on this for a considerable amount of time .

For those who are on the Register for life they should have a fair and proportionate way to challenge the register . As Lord Carlisie points out it must be subject to judicial supervision and anyone who seriously looks at the reconviction rates will conclude how necessary it is – the rates of reoffending are exceptioanlly low and we need to concentrate on those individuals who we really need to monitor and stop the bureacracy of the large proportion of people who after some years post release are no danger to anyone .

Take a simple and not infrequent example of a young adult who has sex with his under age girlfriend – do we really want him to spend the rest of his life of a Register ?

Common sense is required not cheap political points .

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  1. As a wrongly convicted man and convictions now overturned due to new evidence which proved i did not commit the crime. In prison for nearly 4 years i met several young men who had convictions for unlawful sexual intercourse because at 16-17 their girlfriends were 15 agreed with and fully consented to the relationship. However, their lives destroyed because they would be on the register for life or 20 years. Common Prime Minister get some common sense w2hat age was your girlfriend when you were 16? How many of you can say the same happened but the parents did not get involved. YES lets protect the young and vulnerable, but lets get into proportion with other countries, the girl 15, boy 16-19 slap their hands (close age relationship) over 21 then comes the well did he pressure her. But that is for the young person and courts to decide. Over this age then grooming.
    Please let us all not forget, this is not a one way street because Ladies also fall for younger people, but that is not newsworthy very often is it?
    Put this into perspective, those who by their crimes create real victims punish them hard and yes keep them registered for life. When they destroyed their victims soul they fully understood what they were doing.

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