Prisoner Vote – why it was a sham

Parliament’s vote on Prisoner votes is nothing more than a sham . The Government ordered all ministers to abstain because they knew they could not be seen to actually not following the European Convention of Human Rights .

It is easy to jump on the wagon of Prisoner bashing and its a game that certain MP’s seem to thrive on . However it ignores the wider point that as a Country that embraces Human Rights ( or supposidly does )  cannot ignore the convention which we have signed up to . If we pick and choose on which protections we wish to afford and which we do not then we are going to be no better than some of the worst regimes we like to criticise .

Further if we do not empower our prisoners to have a constitutional call upon those whom are there to protect their rights then we are in danger of perpetuating a system of poor representation and the defence of essential human rights . Some recently retired MP’s who are now enjoying her majesty’s pleasure will be experiencing  that .

That said it is a hollow victory because ultimately the Government is likely to comply with the Courts ruling .

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